How Can I Fix My Administrator Rights After a Virus Disabled It?

By Elvis Michael

Cleaning a computer virus can restore all administrator rights.
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Computer viruses are among the most overwhelming and threatening applications infecting PC workstations. A computer virus has several degrees of implementation and difficulty. There are viruses that exist for relatively simple reasons such as the cause of computer pop ups. Moreover, there are those whose job is to steal private information, delete it without a user's consent, and even disable the privileges you have over your system. Thankfully, if your administrator rights have been revoked by a virus, there are ways to restore or work around this threat.

Step 1

Install and update an anti virus software. Upon installation, make sure it is fully enabled with real-time scanning capabilities and that all of its virus definitions are updated. While anti virus applications update themselves automatically, the fact that your administrator account has been compromised may prevent such an application from updating on its own. Depending on the severity of your administrator restrictions, you may need to access the master administrator account on your computer to fully update your anti virus program.

Step 2

Install and update an anti spyware program. Unfortunately, the average user may confuse a computer virus with spyware. Even though both types of threats act in a similar fashion, their approach to being resolved tends to vary. To ensure your administrator rights are fully restored, install an anti spyware tool and keep it fully up to date.

Step 3

Update your operating system. Updates to your operating system (OS) become available as soon as its respective vendor releases new patches. To fully combat an ongoing computer virus or threat, ensure that all system files are intact and working on their latest versions. Fighting a computer virus with outdated system files could ultimately prove useless, as it will not be able to detect it or fully eradicate it.

Step 4

Scan your computer from a restricted system account. Fortunately, computer viruses can prove powerless or have less authority if managed through a recovery-related platform within your operating system. To cripple the virus' abilities, scan all of your files for viruses and spyware from your system's recovery console.

Step 5

Recreate your user account. To ensure you have full rights over your computer, create a new user name with the same privileges you previously had, and move all of your existing data by simply dragging and dropping all needed files. Perform this procedure only after your system has been fully scanned.