How Can I See What IP Addresses Are Trying to Access My Computer?

by Jay Darrington
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Computers connected to a network such as a local area network, or even the Internet, often have multiple connections going into and out of them. Most of these connections are usually legitimate websites and programs. However, other times there may be malicious attackers accessing your computer, or possibly Trojans or other malware. You can check to see what's accessing your computer using a tool built into Windows.

Step 1

Click on the "Start" Menu or Windows logo on your desktop. Windows XP users should also click "Run."

Step 2

Type "command" into the bar that appears.

Step 3

Type "netstat" into the command line that appears. Wait for the program to stop listing lines.

Read the third column of the list that appeared. Each IP address you see is either trying to connect to your computer, or has. (Bear in mind most are typically other websites, or games.)


  • Use a firewall alongside netstat for maximum protection. If something looks out of the ordinary (an IP address you're not used to or a website you don't know), it may be an attack.

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