How Can I Get Wireless Access in My House Without a Phone Line?

by Stephen Lilley

If you have no telephone line in your home whatsoever, you cannot use either dial-up or DSL service to access the Internet. If you really want to have a high-speed wireless Internet connection in your home, you still have three distinct options for this type of service. You can use either cable Internet, satellite Internet or fiber optic Internet. All three will allow you to access the Internet wirelessly all throughout your home.

Get satellite Internet service. Satellite Internet service allows you to connect to the Internet via a connection with a satellite. This will require a satellite dish to be installed either on your home or somewhere in your yard for the necessary connection to take place. Once the Internet service is installed, you can add a wireless router to your home networking setup to access the Internet wirelessly.

Use a cable Internet service. Cable Internet transfers Internet signals to your home via a series of coaxial cables, similar to the way cable television service is delivered to your home. You can then get wireless networking access throughout your home by connecting a wireless router to the modem provided by your cable Internet service provider.

Get fiber optic service. This service connects you to the Internet via a fiber optic cable, which itself transfers information digitally using a stream of light. Companies like Verizon FiOS specialize in fiber optic Internet service, as well as television service using the same technology. Verizon FiOS will provide you with a broadband modem and wireless router in one unit to be used to obtain wireless Internet service throughout your home.

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