How to Install a Home Security Camera

by Contributor

A security camera can protect your home by monitoring outside activity. You can install a home security camera by following these steps. The installation process is slightly different for a wireless home security camera, so it is best to follow the manufacturer's directions.

Decide where you want to position the camera and drill holes to mount the bracket.

Drill a hole through the wall for the camera wire.

Attach the mounting bracket.

Attach wires to the camera.

Feed the security camera wire through the wall.

Attach the camera to the mounting bracket.

Position the camera so that it faces the proper area.

Attach the security camera wire to the monitor or receiver inside your home.

Test your home security camera to make sure it is working properly.


  • check Trees and shrubs near your home give burglars a place to hide and can also obstruct the camera's view. You may want to consider different landscaping or moving large obstacles away from doorways and windows.


  • close If your home security camera doesn't work, recheck your wire attachments. A loose wire is often the only problem.

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