How to Get Calls Forwarded from Your Landline to Your Cell Phone

By Megan Weber

Calls are easily forwarded from a landline to a cellphone.
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There are various reasons why you may need calls forwarded from a landline phone to a cell phone. It may be that you are away from the house for a short period and expecting an important phone call, or that you have gone on vacation and require access to the phone line. Whatever the reason, forwarding calls from a landline to a cell phone is done simply by pressing a few buttons. Since AT&T and Verizon are the major carriers in the U.S., specific instructions for these two providers are listed.

Step 1

Activate call forwarding on your phone plan. It is usually a free service, but it does require activation. To activate, simply call your provider or change the features allowed on your plan online.

Step 2

Pick up the landline phone. Dial "*72." This holds true for both AT&T and Verizon.

Step 3

Dial the number you to which you want the calls forwarded. For example, you will type, "*72-330-333-3333."

Step 4

Wait for the confirmation noise. For AT&T users, two short tones, followed by ringing, confirms your request. For those with Verizon, you should hear a confirmation tone or a message.

Step 5

Cancel the call forwarding when you no longer require the service by pressing "*73" on the landline phone and wait for the confirmation noise once again.