How to Make Calls From Your Computer for Free

by Contributor

Would you like to call people around the world for free? There are several companies who do this, but one of the most popular is Skype. This article will list the steps for talking to someone from your computer to their computer for free via Skype.

You will need a computer, high speed internet access, and a microphone or headset, and speakers for making calls from your computer for free.

You will first need to get the Skype program which will enable you to make calls from your computer for free. Go to the skype website. It is Click "download Skype". A box will appear, click "save file". The Skype executable file will save to your desktop. Go to your desktop and double click the Skype application to open the file. Click install and wait for the Skype program to finish installing.

Once it has finished installing, click "Start Skype". You will be prompted to create an account so your friends can find you when they call you from their computer for free.

Skype will step you through the process of checking your system and setting up contacts that you can call for free. Just follow the step by step instructions.

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