How to Call-Forward With a Sprint Phone

by Matthew Fortuna
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Call forwarding allows you to forward calls from your cell phone to a land line, another cell phone or any other number. This can be useful with a broken phone, a phone without available minutes or one that is about to run out of battery power. Call forwarding for a Sprint phone is easy to set up, and with many plans the service is free. Be careful, though: The fee for forwarded minutes may be higher than normal fees.

Step 1

Dial *72 on your Sprint phone.

Step 2

Key in the area code and phone number of the line where you want your calls forwarded.

Step 3

Press the "Talk" button on your phone to initiate the call. This button is often highlighted in green.

Step 4

Wait for the tone and press "End" to end the call. The tone will indicate that your call forwarding is now active.

Step 5

Press *720 on your phone to deactivate your call forwarding.

Press the "Talk" button and wait for the tone. The tone, again, will confirm the changes you made. End the call.


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