How to Call the USA From Poland

By Nicholas Wyatt

You can call the United States from Poland by dialing the correct phone extension and area code for the place you are trying to reach. It is useful to know the phone extension on how to call the USA from Poland if you are traveling and need to contact your family or friends or perhaps you may need to contact a business. This information is also useful for residents of Poland who would like to reach a personal or residential contact in the United States. You can dial the phone extension and be connected to the US quickly.

Pick up your home phone or cell phone and dial "00 + 1 + the area code of the county of the state you are calling. The area code is a number that identifies the specific areas in a state in the United States.

Dial the number of the person or business you are calling in the United States. In the United States, there is a prefix number of three and a suffix number of four digits. For example 555-555-5555 would be an appropriate set up for a number to call in the United States.

Press the "Send" key or the "Talk" key to dial the number. Wait for the recipient to pick up the receiving phone call.