How to Call Someone on Computer

By Charlie Gaston

There are a number of software applications and devices that can be used to allow computer users to make phone calls to local, domestic and international cell and land line phone numbers. From devices that can be installed to software applications that must be downloaded, computer users have a variety of options. While these applications and devices require specific instructions, this article will outline the requirements and instructions for Skype, a computer software program that allows users to make domestic and international phone calls via the computer. The program is widely used and has been profiled on the Oprah Winfrey show as well as other television and media outlets.

Open a Web browser and enter the website in the IP address box. (See References and Resources below for the official Web link, as well as competitor Web links.)

Download Skype for free. Click the "Download Skype Now" box located on the Skype homepage.

Wait for the software to download.

Run the Skype Setup application. A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to run the software. Click "Run." You may be asked for a second confirmation. Click "Run" or "OK," depending on which option appears.

Proceed through the Setup Wizard clicking "Next" as necessary. Each Skype Setup Wizard page will provide information about the program and then instruct you to click "Next" to access the next page. The Skype Setup Wizard is provided to ensure proper installation.

Launch Skype. Click the Skype icon, now located on your desktop or in your system tray.

Set up an account by selecting a user name and password. Record this information for future use.

Record the Internet phone number that is assigned to your account, and then provide it to family and friends or others wishing to contact you through the service.

Buy Skype credit to make the domestic or international phone call. Skype allows subscribers to contact other Skype users or call mobile phones, as well as send and receive voice-mail messages.

Enter the phone number you wish to dial, starting with the area code. Enter a country code when dialing an international phone number. Click the green telephone icon to start the call and the red telephone icon to end the phone call.