How to Call Back Private Calls on a T-Mobile Phone

By Thomas McNish

Call Back Private Calls on a T-Mobile Phone
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When a caller enters *67 into his phone before dialing your number, the Caller ID will simply say "Private." While there are legitimate reasons to call someone with a private number, Caller ID blocking can also be used negatively. If you are the victim of a prank or are being harassed, there are a few ways you can find out who's hiding behind that private number and call him back.

Dial "*69." This will automatically call back the last person who dialed your number. Although it may not work every time for private numbers, it's a good place to start.

Contact T-Mobile customer service by dialing "611" from your cell phone or 1-877-453-1304 from any other phone. Ask to speak with a representative at the annoyance desk, and explain that you're receiving harassing calls. T-Mobile can put a trap on your line, and after you receive a call from a private number, just dial "*57." You can then obtain the number and call the person back.

Sign up for a service called TrapCall. (See the link in "Resources.") For a small, monthly fee, you can reveal blocked numbers that call your phone. Simply press "Ignore" while receiving the incoming call; then the number will be rerouted to TrapCall's database. Within a matter of minutes, the number will be texted to you, and you can call the person back.

Contact your local law enforcement agency if you feel your health, property or loved ones are in danger. The police can put a trace on your line and figure out who's calling you. You may or may not be able to call the person back, depending on the nature of the calls and your local department's policies, but if the calls are legitimately serious, you should probably let the police handle it anyway.