How Do I Call Mexico From the United States?

by Vanessa Padgalskas

You can call Mexico from a land line telephone in the United States or a cell phone that allows you to call internationally. If your telephone does not allow you to call a foreign country, you can purchase an international calling card. Using a prepaid phone service, such as a calling card, is the cheapest way to call Mexico. Follow the directions on the back of your calling card before dialing the phone number in Mexico as each calling card company has different instructions. Then follow the steps below to call Mexico.

Dial 011 on your phone. This is the U.S. exit code to signal that you are about to call a foreign country.

Dial 52, which is the country code for Mexico.

Dial the area code for the location you are calling in Mexico.

Dial the phone number. The area code plus the phone number equals 10 digits. You should begin hearing a ringing sound on the phone to signal that the phone call was properly dialed and that the phone number you entered is being dialed.


  • check If you do not know the area code, you can click on the link "How to Call Mexico" under "References" at the bottom of this page for a complete list of area codes and their corresponding cities in Mexico.

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