How to Call Mexico From Texas

By Matt McGew

Mexico is the southernmost county in North America. It is bordered by the United States to the north; the Pacific Ocean on the south and west; Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea on the southeast; the Gulf of Mexico on the east. You can call Mexico from the state of Texas with either a standard landline or a cellular phone by entering the correct dialing codes and the Mexican phone number you want to call.

Step 1

Dial "011" using the telephone's keypad to place an international call.

Step 2

Dial "52" using your telephone's keypad. 52 is the country code for Mexico.

Step 3

Dial the two- or three-digit area code that corresponds to the area in Mexico that you are calling. You can find a list of major Mexican cities and their corresponding area codes in the resources section of this article.

Dial the seven- or eight-digit Mexican phone number. The call will automatically connect after you enter the phone number.