How to Call and Listen to Voicemail

by Angela M. Wheeland

When you are unavailable to answer your home telephone or cellular phone, your voicemail will record messages from incoming callers. Similar to an answering machine, voicemail stores and saves messages for playback. Most cellular telephone service providers offer voicemail as a basic feature. Many landline telephone service providers also offer this feature. You can check your voicemail from home, or from any other telephone.

Step 1

Dial your phone number. If you are calling from another phone line, you will hear your phone ring.

Step 2

Press the "*," "#" or "9" key to interrupt your voicemail greeting.

Enter your password and listen to the instructions to review any new voicemail messages.


  • If you are attempting to retrieve voicemails from your cellular phone, use the cell phone and dial "1" to access your voicemail.
  • The specific key to interrupt your voicemail depends on the requirements of your telephone or cellular phone provider. For more information, refer to your provider's website.
  • Your telephone or cellular phone service provider may require you to press "#" after entering your password.

Items you will need

  • Voicemail password

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