How to Call Germany the Cheapest Way

By Drenee Brown

Talk for free on Skype.
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Some of the cheapest ways to call Germany are with online software, international calling cards and international code access. All three are convenient ways to stay in touch with family and friends in Germany. Each communication service offers different features and prices. Choose one or all services to keep in contact.

Visit the Skype home page and download the software to your computer. Skype works best with high-speed Internet service. The download only takes a few minutes. You will need a headset with a mouthpiece to speak to the other party. Headsets can be purchased on the Skype website or any place that sells electronics. A plan for $13.99 per month includes unlimited calls to Germany. You can use the Skype world plan to call landlines or mobile phones.

Set up international calls with your mobile phone. Tel3advantage is an international service that will allow you to make calls to Germany for 1.4 cents a minute. You will be required to join the service and they will give you an access code you use before you dial the number in Germany. Some of the benefits include getting free minutes to sign up, the ability to use any phone (landline or cell), and no contracts or obligations. Plans start at $10.

Purchase international phone cards. Phone cards are a convenient and inexpensive way to talk to someone in Germany. Calling cards can be reloaded as needed. This is a great backup plan to reach Germany if traveling. Phone calls are accepted by most phone carriers. You can load a phone card starting at $10.