Call Forwarding From Cell Phones to Landlines

By Jennifer Keigh

Forwarding calls to a landline is convenient in some situations.
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The ability to forward calls from a mobile to a home or business landline is convenient when a wireless customer is in a weak-signal area, is running low on battery power, or simply wants to take a business call, such as a conference call, on a landline. Each cell phone provider has its own method of forwarding calls. If your provider isn’t listed here, check its website or call customer service.


If a customer is within range of the Verizon Wireless network, calls made to a Verizon cell phone can be forwarded to any landline with a domestic phone number. First, add the feature to an account by calling customer service or adding it online via My Verizon. From the device, call 72, then enter the area code plus number of the landline. Press the Send key and wait for a confirmation message, then press End. Wireless airtime charges, also known as minutes used, apply to calls forwarded to a landline. To deactivate, dial 73 and Send, wait for confirmation, and press End.


From an AT&T cell phone, customers can forward calls to a landline by dialing *21 plus the 10-digit phone number where you want calls forwarded, then press #. Press the Send or Talk key, and wait to hear a confirmation message. To deactivate call forwarding, enter #21#, then the Send or Talk key, and wait for a confirmation message.


Sprint offers unconditional call forwarding, meaning all incoming calls are forwarded. This does not use cellular minutes, but per-minute charges apply if the customer isn’t on an Unlimited Simply Everything Plan. To activate unconditional call forwarding, dial 72, enter the 10-digit number, press Talk and wait to hear an alert tone. To deactivate, dial 720, Talk and wait for an alert. Sprint also offers free conditional call forwarding, such as forwarding calls when the wireless line is busy or when a customer chooses not to answer.

Google Voice

Setting up a Google Voice number, or porting over a number, allows the user to send calls made to that number to up to six phones, including landline home and work phones and mobile phones. After setting up a Google Voice number, go to “Voice Settings,” click the “Phones” tab, and choose where to forward calls.