How to Call Forward With Verizon

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Verizon offers a call forwarding option through its phone plans. Customers can forward their phone calls to almost any number, including other cell phones or landlines, with the exception of international numbers. Be sure you have this forwarding feature available to you through your plan, and that you understand what the service could cost. Forwarding your calls to numbers outside of your local calling area will still use up your cell phone airtime and, depending on your plan, you may be charged long-distance fees.

Call Forwarding on a Cell Phone

Step 1

Dial *72 on your Verizon cell phone, plus the telephone number (including area code) to which you want your calls forwarded. For example, if the phone number you want your calls to go to is (555) 055-0505, then enter *725550550505 into your cell phone.

Step 2

Press the "Send" button. Listen for a series of beeps, a tone or a message that will confirm that your request went through.

Step 3

Press "End." Any call to your Verizon phone number will now go to the new number until you decide to turn off the call forwarding function.

Step 4

Deactivate call forwarding by dialing *73 on your Verizon cell phone. This time, you will not need to enter a phone number.

Step 5

Press "Send," and wait for a series of beeps, or for a message to indicate the feature was deactivated.

Press "End" on your phone.

Call Forwarding on a Landline

Step 1

Dial *72 from your landline telephone. In some areas, 72# may be required. If you have a pulse-dial or rotary phone, dial 1172.

Step 2

Listen for a tone or a beep, then dial the phone number (including area code) to which you want your calls forwarded. The number you entered will ring; when the line is answered, call forwarding will be activated.

Step 3

Hang up the phone if no one answers at the number to which you are forwarding calls, or if the line is busy. Wait one minute (but no more than two minutes), then dial the phone number again. Listen for two short tones or beeps, which will confirm that the call forwarding feature has been activated.

Step 4

Dial *73 to deactivate call forwarding. In some areas, you may have to dial 73# to deactivate the service. For a pulse-dial or rotary phone, dial 1173.

Listen for two short tones or beeps. Once you hear these beeps, the feature will be turned off and you can hang up your phone.


  • Carefully input the code and numbers when turning on the service. Pressing an extra or wrong button on your keypad can cause your number to be unrecognizable, and anyone who calls you might receive a busy signal.
  • Activating the feature will show up as a one-minute charge on your cell phone bill.


  • If you've lost your cell phone or don't have it with you for some reason, call Verizon customer service to have the call-forwarding feature activated or deactivated. The toll-free number for cell phone service is (800) 922-0204. For landline help, call (800) 483-3000.


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