How to Calibrate the Screen on a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

By Roger Mock

The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos has a built-in accelerometer. If the screen's calibration is off, this accelerometer becomes less responsive and the display can get stuck in the wrong orientation, regardless of which direction you turn the phone. This could also affect games which use the accelerometer. You can recalibrate the screen through the display settings, but if that does not fix the problem, do a factory reset to recalibrate the screen.

Horizontal Calibration

Step 1

Tap "Apps | Settings | Display | Horizontal Calibration."

Step 2

Place the phone on a level surface, such as a table. The horizontal calibration shows an orb surrounded by a crosshair.

Tap "Calibrate." The orb moves to the center of the crosshair once it is properly calibrated. If this does not work, try a different surface. Further problems may require a factory reset.

Factory Reset

Step 1

Tap "Apps."

Step 2

Tap "Settings," and then tap "Privacy."

Select "Factory data reset" to bring the device back to its original settings. This deletes all data on the phone, including your settings, and sets the screen's calibration back to its original settings, fixing any software complications with the accelerometer.