How Does Cable Telephone Work?

by Michelle M. Smith

Cable telephone operates by utilization of the same high-speed broadband network that is used to deliver high-speed computer service and television channels provided by your local cable company.


Digital telephone has transformed the cost of home telephone service.

With the advent of federal laws designed to encourage competition within the phone industry, cable companies have invested over $113 billion since 1996 to modernize networks that could deliver high-speed digital programming and telephone service.


Digital telephone uses the same method of delivery used for high-speed Internet service.

Because cable phone service uses the exact same high-speed broadband network that delivers your Internet service, installation is very simple. Specially equipped modems, sometimes called Media Terminal Adapters, feature a phone jack located on the modem. From there the modem can be connected to any existing standard telephone jack in the home. You can choose to have cable telephone for every jack in your house, and you only need a modem equipped for both phone and Internet to allow connectivity for each jack.


Cable telephone features excellent voice quality transmission.

Cable telephone is not delivered over the public Internet as are other types of digital phone service, but rather via the cable company lines, which leads to excellent voice clarity and reliability.


You are able to make calls to anyone who has a phone number.

Many people think that phone calls can only be made to other people who have cable telephone service. You can use your cable telephone to call anyone with a working telephone number.

Size of Cable Telephone Industry

Millions of people enjoy the convenience of cable telephone service.

Over 75 million Americans can now choose cable telephone as their option for home phone service. Cable telephone usually features free long-distance calling anywhere in the United States.


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