Cable Modems Compatible With Comcast

by Alexander Sam

Comcast cable provides high-speed Internet access as well as digital cable television packages to their customers. If you have signed up for the high speed Internet, there are a large number of Internet modems which have been approved by the company for use with their service. All the modems offer comparable service, but sometimes require different software drivers, so be sure to download the drivers that correspond with your model.

Surfboard SB3100

The Surfboard 3100 modem is a cable Internet specific modem that utilizes your cable outlet in either your business or home to connect to the Web. Theoretically, the modem is capable of transmitting Internet data at a faster rate than traditional DSL and ADSL Internet connections, which rely on the phone line. To use the modem, you will need to be sure that your computer has the relevant software to set-up the connection to Comcast. The modem can be connected to your computer through either the USB or Ethernet port.

Surfboard 4200

The Surfboard 4200 utilizes a newer modem processor than previous generation Surfboard modems. Like earlier versions, it is manufactured by Motorola under the sub-brand name "General Instruments". It is compatible on all Comcast Internet networks, providing customers with a high speed connection to the Internet. The modem has a similar appearance to other Surfboard modem models and connects to your cable outlet the same way. The modem can be connected to your computer through either the USB or Ethernet port.

Scientific Atlanta DPX100

The Scientific Atlanta DPX100 is completely compatible with the Comcast cable Internet network. The modem can be connected to your computer through either the USB or Ethernet port. The unit provides comparably high speeds to other Comcast compatible modems. As with all modems, ensure that you have the right software to utilize the modem or it will not connect to the Internet. Scientific Atlanta is a sub-brand under Cisco, so if you are having problems setting up the modem, be sure to check the Cisco support page as well.

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