How to Bypass the Password in Windows Vista

by Michael Jones

The login password for Windows Vista adds an extra element of security to your computer or laptop. But if you're the only one who ever uses your computer, you may find it a little annoying to type in your password every single time you turn your computer on. You can access the Advanced User Controls and configure the system to automatically log you in as soon as you start your computer. The process will only take a few minutes, and you can reverse it whenever you want.

Click on the Start button and type "Control Userpasswords2" in the Start search box. The User Accounts Control Panel will pop up.

Select your user name. It will be listed under "Users For This Computer."

Then clear the check box that says "Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer." The "Users For This Computer" list will become unavailable once you clear the check box.

Type your password in when the "Automatically Log On" dialog box opens. You will have to type your password into both the Password and Confirm Password text boxes. Once you do so, click OK.

Restart your computer and Windows Vista will automatically log you in.

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