How to Bypass Public Computer Restrictions

by braniac

When using public computers in places such as libraries and schools, it can be difficult to get done what you need to. For instance, your home computer is broken so you need to go to the library for internet access and other needs. You quickly find out that almost everything is restricted because it's a public computer. Children, teens, and adults use it for surfing the web everyday. There has to be limitations - but you can break through them with a little effort.

Step 1

This article is meant for those with experience with all types of computers. You need to buy a USB memory card. If your home computer is in tack - you can upload applications you need to use such as Firefox, notepad, MS Word, messenger programs, and other computer software you might want to use with the public computer. You need to do this on your home computer or a friend's computer. Keep this flash drive with you when traveling or using public computers.

Step 2

Alright, so now that you have the software you need loaded onto a portable drive, you need to plug it into the USB drive. Be patient and eventually it will load. Everything you need will pop-up in a window. Select the program you want to use and viola!

Step 3

Another sneaky way to get past internet restrictions on a public computer is actually pretty simple. Most libraries and schools only use the default Internet Explorer restrictions. Sometimes, you can't access certain sites you might need to. You need to go to Tools / Internet Options / Click on Content Tab and then go to content adviser and click enable.

Make a password and remember it. Set the content levels to whatever you want and start surfing. Remember to deleted all history and cookies before logging off and also remember to turn the content adviser off before you are done with the computer.


  • The purpose of this article is to provide a way for people in need of serious help access their information.


  • This article is NOT intended for teens to hack the school computers and do whatever they want. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Items you will need

  • USB Flash Drive

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