How to Bypass a Proxy in UAE

By Stephen Byron Cooper

Proxies in the United Arab Emirates can be avoided.
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Content filtering proxies have been implemented all over the world, including in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These proxies block access to blacklisted websites. A content filter proxy is implemented on a private network; computers in that network are allowed access to the Internet through a gateway. Governments sometimes block access to certain sites from within their country, but there's a way to undermine this type of system. A CGIProxy server will mask the blacklisted website's URL, enabling it to be accessed.

Find a CGIProxy server by accessing a directory site (see Resources). The directory sites are updated frequently to keep track of proxies changing addresses.

Find a proxy site that's geographically close to you. Free CGIProxy List lists a number of sites in the UAE (see Resources). If you're bypassing a proxy on a network, choose one of these. If you want to access a site that's banned by the government, it would be better to choose a site based in the U.K. Other directory sites show more details, like whether the proxy offers encrypted connections and how long the proxy has been operating. Newer proxies are better.

Click on the name of a proxy in the list. This link will open the CGIProxy website in a new window.

Browse through the CGIProxy site to find an address field. This will be the only active field on the site. The site will contain little text and no instructions for usage; there will, however, be a lot of advertising. Type in the URL of the site you want to visit. The site content will then be shown in the CGIProxy window. The proxy site's address will remain in the address bar of the window, so the site you're viewing won't be detected by content filtering proxies. This also applies if you click on a link on the viewed page or go to a different part of the viewed website by accessing a menu. The CGIProxy's address stays in the address bar for the duration of the session.