How to Bypass a Proxy Block

By Herman Cruz

Bypassing a proxy block is a simple task.
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A proxy block is used by computer owners or network administrators to keep users from accessing websites that use a large amount of bandwidth, receive a high flow of traffic or display inappropriate content. A proxy block can be established by using software like Websense or SmartFilter, or by editing the Internet options setting on your web browser. If you want to bypass a proxy block, there are several proxy websites that can help you.


Visit VectroProxy's official website (see the Resources section). This proxy website lets you browse the Internet fast, hides your IP address while visiting other sites and it's free of charge.

Type the URL of the blocked website you are trying to access in the blank text box located below the "Enter the Web Address" text.

Click the "Browse!" tab located next to the text box where you typed the URL and wait for VectroProxy to direct you to the website that was previously blocked.


Go to the KProxy official website (see Resources). Free of charge, KProxy has been assisting users that need to access restricted sites at work, home or school since 2005. Claiming to work well with commonly blocked sites like Facebook and Gmail, KProxy also hides your IP address to ensure that your identity is protected.

Type the URL address of the website that has a proxy block in the text box located toward the top of the web page.

Click the "Surf!" tab next to the text box or hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. KProxy will then redirect you to the website you want to access.


Browse to the Vtunnel official website (see Resources). This proxy website will allow you to bypass a proxy blocked website for free.

Type the URL address of the website being restricted in the text box located below "Enter a URL below to browse the Internet securely!" This is located toward the top of the Vtunnel Web page.

Click on the "Begin browsing" tab situated below the text box, and wait for Vtunnel to redirect you to the website restricted by a proxy block.