How to Bypass the Password on Verizon Wireless

By Chanel Adams

Bypass the Password on Verizon Wireless
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Your Verizon Wireless phone has a security feature that prevents you or others from making phone calls. You also cannot use any of the features on your cell phone. To unlock your Verizon Wireless phone, you need a four-digit password. However, you can bypass this password if you happen to forget the one you set on your phone.

Press the "OK" button. Press the right arrow to navigate to "Settings and Tools."

Press the down arrow to go to "Settings and Tools." Select "Security" from the list of options.

Wait for the prompt to enter the lock code. Enter the default lock code, which is "0000." Press the "OK" button.

Select "Phone Lock Settings" from the list. Choose "Unlocked." Press the "OK" button. You now have bypassed the password to unlock your phone.