How to Bypass a Netgear Firewall

by Herman Cruz
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Netgear delivers a prolific security networking solution with a technologically advanced Web blocking firewall that works for both home and business networks. However, the Netgear firewall can also block websites that pose no threat to the network or display or highlight inappropriate content. When dealing with this issue, a viable way to bypass a Netgear firewall is to use a proxy site, which is a website that helps Internet users bypass any type of Web restrictions, including a Netgear firewall.

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Bypass a Netgear firewall with HideToProxy. HideToProxy features a browsing interface that will let you bypass a Netgear firewall while allowing you to keep your Internet surfing activities anonymous. To bypass a Netgear firewall using this free service, enter the URL of the page the Netgear firewall is blocking in the last text field in the middle of the site, and click the "Search" button to be redirected.

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Browse to the Tunnel-Me site to bypass a Netgear firewall. Tunnel-Me is a reliable way of bypassing a Netgear firewall as it allows you to enjoy unrestricted and uncensored browsing through its server. This proxy is free to use and it also retains your anonymity. To bypass Netgear's firewall, scroll to the bottom of the page and type the Web address of the site you want to view in the text box displayed below where it says "How To Use Tunnel-Me.Info! Service." and click the "Visit" tab to view the inaccessible Web content.

Visit the official Turbo-Hide website to bypass a Netgear firewall. This is a free proxy that protects your identity. With Turbo-Hide, you can also subscribe via email to receive updates on fresh proxy sites. To bypass the Netgear firewall in your network using Turbo-Hide, add the URL address of the site you want to visit in the tab displayed on the lower right side of the Web page and hit the "go" tab to be redirected.


  • Netgear can be bypassed with other proxy sites; therefore, you can visit websites like AtProxy and Free Web Proxy List to find other proxy sites that will help you bypass a Netgear Firewall.


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