How to Bypass Motorola Phone Passwords

By Contributor

Updated July 21, 2017

For as long as electronics have been implementing security features, people have been learning how to bypass the passcodes. When it comes to some of Motorola's phones, that is not different. Here's how you can bypass phone passwords on a Motorola phone.

Check to make sure that the Motorola phone in question has a password in effect. You'll know that it does, because when you try to access voicemail or other secure features, you will be blocked.

Go to the password menu on the Motorola phone. You can find this under "settings." If for some reason, the version of the phone is different, scroll through the menu options until you find the password menu.

Select the password menu by clicking the "select" button on the phone.

Press "0" repeatedly until you fill the entire input field. Once you fill the field, the "0s" will stop showing on screen.

Click "OK" to save the setting, thus bypassing the passwords of the Motorola phone.


This feature can also be blocked. If you own a Motorola Razor or Sliver phone, take a moment to block the feature so that your secure information is safe. Make the password something that is easy to remember but hard for other people to guess. Combining two birthdays is always a good idea.