How to Bypass a Company Proxy

By Shawn Farner

Since the days when the Internet first made its way into offices, employers have been concerned that employees might waste their work hours browsing the Web. In response, some companies have installed proxies that block certain websites from being accessed. There are instances when these company proxies can block a legitimate site from being used, leading to frustration. If you need to visit a site that's blocked by a company proxy, you can do so by using one of several sites.

Use (see Resources). This site uses a remote server to pass your Web traffic back and forth, bypassing the restrictive filter your company has in place. To visit a blocked site, type the URL into the "Desired URL" box and click the "Surf Now!" button.

Visit Anonymous Proxy Sites (see Resources). You can browse websites that your company may have blocked using this service. Type the URL of the site you'd like to visit into the provided box and click the "Go" button. Your site will open on the next page.

Try (see Resources). This remote proxy service can also help you get around those strict workplace Internet filters and open the site you need to visit. Enter the URL into the box under "Enter the URL Address:" and click the "Surf Now!" button to open the page.