Buzzing & Humming Noises in the Hitachi LCD TV

By Ryan Goodrich

The Hitachi LCD TV is known to have issues with an audible buzzing noise when active.
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The Hitachi LCD TV, like all other LCD devices, consists of a flat-panel display with high-quality speakers. However, TVs can run into a manufacturer defect that causes a buzzing or humming noise to emanate from the device. Enjoying your television show becomes quite difficult, and even distracting in the event of a never-ending buzz in the background.

Troubleshooting Input Ports and Devices

Remove and reconnect any cables currently attached to the television, from HDMI to AV cables. Loose or poor connections into ports can result in a buzzing or humming noise in the television. If the noise doesn't relent, reconnect the device cables, turn on the TV and switch through its input settings. If the buzzing stops on a different input, this indicates a problem with an input device. Disconnect the device and switch to the buzzing input. If the buzzing stops, consider replacing the device.

Audio Testing

If unplugging and re-plugging cables and removing devices doesn't stop the humming noise, this could indicate a problem with the audio speakers of the television. Turn the volume to zero and then slowly increase the volume. If the humming stops when the volume is turned down or audibly increases with the volume, the vibrations caused by the speakers are causing the buzz.

Professional Repair

In the event that the buzzing does not cease after port, device and volume changes, your Hitachi television may require professional repair. Review your manufacturer warranty details or speak with customer service to determine if Hitachi will cover any repair costs. If not, contact a local electronics repair store and obtain a quote. The price of parts and labor may outweigh the original value of the television, but the repair technician may have additional advice for do-it-yourself repairs.


Some reported incidents regarding buzzing and humming in televisions occur due to elevation. While uncommon, high altitude can contribute to a soft buzzing in larger electronics. Manufacturer warranties do not address this type of problem and it may not be solvable, even after taking it to a repair shop.