How to Buy Used Microsoft Office Software

By Greyson Ferguson

One of the most prevalent computer programs in the United States, Microsoft Office provides powerful tools for businesses and consumers. However, the entire Office package can be rather expensive. Because of this cost, you may want to purchase a used version of Microsoft Office, which will run as if it were new.

Check your office supply store or electronics store. These do not usually carry used software, but on occasion they will have "Opened" items returned, which will in return be sold for a discounted price. There is no guarantee a store will have such a product, so it may be easier to purchase the used product online.

Visit one of the several online store links listed in the "Resources" section (see below). All of these sites sell both new and used versions of Microsoft Office.

View the listings. The top price will be the cheapest "New" version of the software. The price listed below will be the cheapest "Used" version of the software. Read the description of the used software. Descriptions that state the product is barely used or "like new" are good, but watch out for "shows wear" or "damage." These descriptions may mean there is damage to the disk, which will make it unusable. Avoid these such products.

Select a used Microsoft Office product that has a good description. Follow the prompts to complete the checkout.