How to Buy a Retina Biometric Scanner

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Retinal scanners are used for high-end security applications. They project a low-intensity laser across the eyeball and scan the pattern of the blood vessels on the back of the retina. This pattern is unique and more accurate than a fingerprint. These ingenious scanners can be just the thing to secure an important computer or door. Here are a few tips to help you buy a retinal biometric scanner.

Step 1

Look for retailers on the Internet. Eyedentify incorporated has been the leading producer of retinal scanners since 1976, but they make use of resellers to retail their products.

Step 2

Ask the retailer about subscription costs and the number of assets the subscription packet you order will allow. It is important to figure in these ongoing costs when selecting your biometric scanner.

Check the lighting in the area you wish to have your scanner installed as very bright or inconsistent lighting can throw a retinal scanner off.


  • Biometric retinal scanners are very expensive and most have subscription costs so expect to spend a lot to get one of these high-end security devices.


  • Cataracts, glaucoma and other degenerative ocular disorders can cause problems for retinal scanners.
  • The eEye Retina Vulnerability Assessment Scanner is meant to be used with corporate networks only. Purchase or evaluation of this product requires a corporate email address and is not intended for private or student use.
  • Biometric retinal scanners are very invasive. They work by shooting infrared light directly into your eye. Scientists disagree on the exact damage, if any, that can occur with repeated use.

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