How to Buy a Quantity of Off Lease Computers

by Contributor

Whether your end goal is to sell or export used computers, purchasing de-installed, off-lease lots of computer equipment can be a profitable business venture. One of the longest standing publications in this industry is The Processor and a link to their site is provided in the Resource section. Another excellent site for establishing business relationships with companies that specialize in used computer liquidation is Ebay.


Search eBay's Computers and Networking category for the term "lots" and narrow your search down by choosing Desktop PCs as a subcategory.


Research each of the auctions that fit your requirements by following up with the seller by asking a question through eBay's messaging system, specifically inquiring about combined shipping terms if you win more than one auction.


Bid aggressively to win the first few auctions to establish a reputation that you are a serious buyer and that you will be regularly purchasing more equipment in the future.


Inform the seller that you would be very interested in purchasing significantly more equipment providing that a heavy discount on the price of the equipment and the shipping can be provided. Please note that when purchasing pallets of used computer equipment that will be transported by commercial over-the-road transportation, always ensure that you are purchasing a full truckload to get the best shipping rates.


Ask to see the seller's complete inventory list while ensuring that you do not violate eBay's terms and conditions by suggesting that this further addition to your purchase be run through an eBay auction.


Follow up on the outcome of your purchase with the seller, making sure that you provide an accurate accounting of the condition of the equipment. Please document all transactions with pictures of everything that occurred from the time the product was delivered to the final testing phase.


Repeat the above steps with a minimum of three other sellers until you can establish which business or businesses will best fulfill your needs.


  • check A building with a loading bay and a pallet jack or forklift is critical to being efficient in this business.
  • check Test all equipment as soon as it arrives taking careful notes of the results.
  • check Always call your supplier to discuss what your pass/fail yields were and whether or not the deal worked out to your satisfaction.
  • check After your third or fourth shipment with the same supplier, ask about getting net 7 day terms. This helps to keep the supplier motivated to assure your satisfaction.