How to Buy Multiple Laptops for a Discount

By Stephen Lilley

i 3 laptops image by Andrew Brown from

Buying anything in bulk has its advantages. If you buy laptop computers in bulk quantities (meaning you buy more than one laptop at a time), retailers are likely to give you a discount on your entire order. This is not a guarantee, however, and there are a few important considerations you need to make before you try to buy multiple laptop computers for a discount.

Step 1

Go directly to the manufacturer. Often, even retailers like Apple, Dell or Toshiba will offer bulk discounts if you purchase directly from the company that makes the computers. Keep in mind, though, that these places might require you to buy 10 or more laptops at a time to receive any kind of discount, so don't necessarily expect anything major off the total price if you're only buying one or two.

Step 2

Find a small, local electronics retailer. They are often the ones who have to mark up items the most to meet the cost of overhead, payroll and regular utilities like rent and electricity. The higher a laptop is marked up over its "cost" (meaning the amount of money that it cost the retailer to purchase the unit), the more likely you are to get a discount.

Step 3

Talk to the store manager. If you're attempting to get a bulk discount on laptop computers, a regular sales associate won't usually have the authority to make that kind of decision. Ask to speak to a manager or someone else in a position of authority.