How to Buy Laptops in Bulk

by Tyran DeWalt

Buying the best computers and laptops doesn’t always mean buying the newest and most expensive machines on the market. The real question you have to ask yourself before making a choice is: what system will meet my needs? Deciding to buy in bulk is what most firms and schools will opt for, but running a data system and teaching children how to read won’t have the same requirements. Dell, for example, is a company that builds computers for specific needs. But how to buy in bulk? There are a several websites that will allow you to buy in bulk and/or buy cheaper used laptops.


Go to, look under Shop By Brand and click on the brand of laptop you are interested in buying. You can also decide to go to Laptops to have the short listing of all laptops and choose to search by popularity, lowest to highest price and vice-versa.


Click on the name of the item to get the whole information you need to buy wisely according to your expectations.


Scroll down and click Compare with other [brand name] laptops. This will help you get the best value deal.


Click on Get Quote in the information window when you have selected the number of laptops you want.


Scroll down and fill the form with your name, company, email address, your country and the quantity. You will get the quotation and shipping charges.


Create an account on EBAY. Search for laptops including the word "bulk" in the search engine to narrow the results of users selling laptops in bulk or wholesale.


Go to various pawnshops and flea markets to see if vendors and sellers are selling wholesale laptops.


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