How to Buy a Laptop on Installments

By Helen Jain

Buying a laptop on installments is possible.
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Laptops are convenient because they are easily carried and are useable in any location. Buying a laptop usually requires going to an electronics store and purchasing the computer. Unfortunately, laptop computers are expensive and easily cost around $1,000. The high prices make it difficult to buy a laptop without saving and planning well in advance. The only other option is buying a laptop on installments, which gradually pay for the laptop over a specific period of time.

Find the best laptop for personal needs. Every laptop brand, type and model is different. Main differences include: RAM, space and installed software. Software is easily changed, but the space availability and RAM are not always changeable. Personal needs might require high RAM or extra space for downloads or opening several windows or personal needs might only need enough space and RAM for homework projects. The needs of the computer dictate which computers are best.

Pay with a credit card. Paying with credit card is optional, but it allows paying slowly over time. Never pay with a credit card when personal credit is bad or the credit card is near its limit. A credit card with high interest rates should only be used if paying it back will take a few months and not years.

Buy the computer when installment promotions are available. Some electronics stores have promotions for purchasing computers and other electronics on installment. Usually the stores allow installment payments without interest for a certain time period before interest starts on the payments. You should pay off the laptop before the interest kicks in, to avoid paying extra.