How to Buy a Laptop With Bad Credit

By Cheryl Grace Myers

Your dream laptop may not be so far away after all.
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Bad credit will hurt your purchasing power. If you are in the market to buy a laptop and do not have the cash, you are in luck. Several options are available for laptop customers who have bad credit. In fact, you can buy a laptop without a credit check, and you can even obtain excellent financing terms. In some cases, you may be able to get a free laptop no matter how bad your credit may be.

Check with your employer for hidden employee benefits. Some employers offer inexpensive or free laptop or desktop computers for employees. Even if you do not work in an industry that requires you to use a computer, employee benefits often offer these incentives.

Buy a laptop through a computer club. Search the Internet for computer clubs. Several reputable computer clubs finance laptops and computers to those with bad credit. Many computer clubs do not check your credit, but may require the applicant to have a job or a minimum monthly income. Have your paycheck stub available for faster approval. Compare the clubs and choose the computer club that meets your needs.

Inquire about in-store credit options. Some stores offer in-store credit for those who want to make purchases. These stores may offer unpleasant financing terms or a high interest rate. The credit issued will not be an internationally accepted credit card, but rather a credit for purchases in the retail store. Big brands that offer made-to-order laptop and computer builds offer this kind of credit. The approval rate is higher for those with bad credit, but the interest rate for this credit is exceptionally higher.

Use a notebook to compare your choices. Be sure to write down the information from various sources before you commit to buying a laptop.Compare financing terms and other terms of service using your notes and calculator. Make the best choice that fits your needs and abilities to purchase the laptop and commit to the terms of financing or other buying choices.