How to Buy Furniture on Craigslist

by Contributor

On the popular Web site Craigslist, you can search furniture ads for items large and small, available through private and public sellers. Just follow these tips.

Search for Furniture on Craigslist

Visit the Craigslist home page to look for furniture ads (see Resources below). Look for chairs, couches, coffee tables, end tables, dining room and bedroom sets, rugs, lamps and other items.

Specify your city, state or country to narrow search results to your local area.

Click the "Furniture" link to view the ads. Choose only those with "pic" at the end of the title to see ads with images embedded in the text. You can also specify that your search summon only ads with images.

Buy the Furniture You Want

Express your interest. Email the seller via the embedded address in the ad (it's a blue hyperlink). Contact the seller by phone if a number is listed.

Wait for the seller to contact you. Ask any questions you might have and see if the two of you can agree on price.

Email a counteroffer if you want to barter for an item.

Arrange for payment through a reputable source, such as a third-party verifier like PayPal, or in person with cash. Never use a wire transfer or escrow service, and pay only after you receive your furniture.

Arrange for Delivery

Pick up your furniture yourself whenever possible. You can check it for defects before paying.

Choose a delivery method if you can't pick it up yourself. If you prefer UPS over FedEx, tell the seller. After all, it is your responsibility to pay for the shipping costs, so be sure this is done the way you want it.


  • check If you must have furniture shipped to you, negotiate the shipping price before purchase to avoid being overcharged.


  • close Never wire money to a seller before you receive your furniture. This often signals a scam, and expensive items (such as couches and armoires) are commonly used in frauds (see Resources below).

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