How to Buy eBay Items From European Sites

By Jackie Michael

Buying on eBay from anywhere in the world is a very simple process. eBay has been a popular online marketplace since 1997 and millions of sales have taken place every year. For those who are new to the eBay experience, it is quite straightforward to purchase items from European sellers as well as the rest of the world.


It is important that you set up a PayPal account to secure your details and make online buying a safe form of payment. PayPal protects all its members with buying and selling policies and paying through PayPal means that you do not give your personal details to a seller.

Find the Item

Conduct a search on eBay for the item you wish you buy. If you wish to purchase from a European seller you can set the search criteria to cover the rest of the world and find a seller in Europe who is offering the best price for your chosen item. Check the seller's feedback rating to satisfy yourself that he is of good standing. Check his mailing details to make sure he can send items to your location.

Bid or Buy

Auctions will give you the chance to bid on the item or you can choose an item that has a "Buy It Now" option. If you bid and win you will be sent an invoice. Click the "Pay Now" button to be taken to checkout and choose PayPal as your preferred method. You will need to sign into PayPal to complete the purchase. The same applies with "Buy it Now" items but immediate payment is required.