How to Buy a Discontinued Cell Phone

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If you've had your phone for a while, it's like an appendage. You know everything about it and its functions, and it fits you perfectly. Inevitably, that phone will break, and you will be forced to shuffle into your carrier's nearest location and begin three to six months of training with a new piece of equipment. You'll have to pay astronomical prices or settle for a phone you don't even like. Not anymore.Discontinued models are available at the click of a button, and you can take advantage of it right now.

Look at your carrier's website before trying anything else. It's always best to buy from an authorized dealer, and it's possible that another location hasn't stopped carrying the phone yet.

Check eBay. People often get phones with a free upgrade or on a business plan and change them a few months later, so they sell their used phones. Sometimes, businesses obtain brand new backstock at wholesale and list the phone on eBay.Look at the manufacturer's box for your phone's exact model. Type it, along with the name of your carrier, into the search box, and you'll be paying a fraction of the price to replace that ever-so-important piece of equipment.

Look at Someone may be selling your phone or offering to barter it for something. Get creative and throw out an idea.

Ask a friend or put up an ad on Facebook. You may know someone who can get you a new phone.

Use Google. This is not as secure an option as eBay, but as long as you're wary of suspicious-looking websites, you may be able to land a cheaper price by using a search engine to find websites that have overstock.

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