How to Buy a Computer Tower

by Larry Amon

Most places or companies that sell computers have all kinds of packages and deals they offer that include everything you need plus bundled software and other things that you may not need. If you want to keep from buying what you don't need, you can buy just a computer tower. You do need to research your purchase to make sure you get a good price and get exactly what you want.

Decide what you need. When buying a computer tower without any combination plan or special, you may not be getting very much other than the basics such as the CPU, motherboard, case, RAM and a hard drive. Determine what cards you need, such as network or sound cards. Decide if you need an extra hard drive or if you can buy that separately.

Find out if it's cheaper to buy just a tower. Many deals include the mouse, keyboard and a video monitor for the same price or even lower than the price of just a computer tower. If you're looking to save money, purchasing just the tower may not do that for you. Do it only if you have specific needs.

Compare different tower computers sold by different stores and manufacturers. You need to know what the speed is of the computer you are getting and every piece of hardware that is included.

Select the tower you want from the computer manufacturer or store. Ask about warranties, delivery dates and technical support that are offered. Make sure you know if the computer is easily upgradeable.


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