How to Buy Cellphones Wholesale

By Jennifer Leighton

You can purchase cellphones wholesale over the Internet for resale or personal use.
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Cellular phones can be quite expensive, especially when you regularly buy the latest and most sophisticated models. If you are interested in buying cellphones for cheaper prices, whether for personal use or for potential resale purposes, you can buy wholesale cellphones with a bit of research and following a few simple steps.

Research the average costs of the type of cellphone you are interested in purchasing. You can get the retail cost of the cellphone on the manufacturer's website. This retail cost will give you a comparison point -- this is the cost that you should never pay if you are seeking wholesale costs.

Visit Internet cellphone wholesale outlets. Options include Cellpex, Tradetang, and Epath China. Some sites, such as Cellpex, require registration with your email address.

Bid on -- in the case of auction-style sites -- or make a purchase of wholesale cellphones that meet your requirements. When purchasing from an Internet outlet such as these, always ensure that you know the shipping information for your cellphones, such as how long shipping will take and how much shipping will cost.