How to Buy an Aircard for a Laptop

by Katy Lindamood

Wi-fi connections are great for the businessman or student on the go but unfortunately they are not always available when you need them. For this reason a wireless Air Card is a great tool to have. These cards simply plug in to your laptop computer and allow you high speed Internet connections anywhere you can get a reliable signal. They use the same network as your cell phone meaning if you have a cell signal your Internet connection will work.

Check with your current wireless retailer. Most of the national companies offer several options for wireless air cards. If you already have an existing voice plan you may be able to get your monthly air card subscription discounted. These discounts are generally around $20 per month.

Research the types of cards available. Check online forums (see resources) for reviews and customer satisfaction ratings on Air Cards available for your area. Not all cards will work in all areas so make sure the type of card you are looking for is compatible with the network in the area. A good rule of thumb is if a cell phone service works then an air card will also work in that location.

Contact the cell provider you are looking to get service with. They can explain what air card will be compatible with your laptop computer. Not all laptops are designed the same therefore the type of card needed may differ.

Sign up for new service with the cellular provider. This will require a credit check and a contract. If you do not have credit that meets the company standards you may be required to pay a deposit. Depending on where you are purchasing the air card you may be eligible for discounts.


  • check Cellular providers offer several different packages depending on customer needs. Check out the differences before committing to a contract. Overage fees are high and can add up very quickly.


  • close Cellular providers do not guarantee service in all areas.

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