How to Make Business Cards in Photoshop Elements

by braniac

Having business cards can significantly improve your business. They give potential contacts and clients your contact info such as phone, fax and email information. Also, business cards are a good way to give a good first impression. By using Photoshop elements you can make both a cheap and effective business card.

The first thing that you will want to do to make a business card in Photoshop Elements is to create a master card document in the size that you will need. The normal size is 6 x 9 cm, but you can change it to suit your individual needs.

Next you will need to choose the proper dpi. For professional quality, you will want to choose 300 dpi, however you will need to check to see if your printer is capable of printing this, if not you will either need to use a professional service or lower the dpi to around 200-250 depending on the quality of your printer.

Using a white background, type in your name, company details, contact information, etc. Then add a photo or the graphic that you desire. Remember to resize and adjust if necessary. Next, you can add effects like shadowing if you would like to. Now, save this as a master copy or .psd file.

Save a copy and flatten, this will allow you to copy it again and again into A4 sized documents which will allow you to print 10-12 per sheet. Print the sheet and cut out your new business cards.

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