How to Burn DVDs Using Windows Media Player

By Kefa Olang

Windows Media Player is a multimedia player that allows you to play back music, video and photo files from your computer's library and also to transfer---or burn---these files onto an empty disc. Burning files onto a DVD disc using Windows Media Player is as easy as identifying the files you want to burn and clicking a button.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and click "All Programs." Scroll up and click "Windows Media Player" to launch the program.

Step 2

Click the "Burn" tab on the Windows Media Player and click "Data CD or DVD." This option will allow you to burn a data DVD disc.

Step 3

Insert a blank DVD disc in the DVD-ROM drive and close "Autoplay" if it appears. Windows Media Player will automatically recognize the DVD disc.

Step 4

Click "Clear list pane" if necessary to remove previously burned files. Locate the files you want to burn on the Windows Media Player library and create a new burn list by dragging items from the details pane to the list pane.

Step 5

Drag the items up and down in the list pane if you want to change the order in which they will be saved on the DVD disc. To delete an item from the burn list, right-click on it and click "Remove from list."

Step 6

Click "Start burn" when you are satisfied with the list. Burning time varies depending on the number of files and how big they are.