How to Burn Streaming Music Onto a CD

By Sienna Condy

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wished you could save it for later? With streaming audio recorders, you can. Streaming audio recorders allow you to record music straight from your computer to MP3 files, which can be burned onto a CD and played in any CD player.

Download a Program

Step 1

Download a sound recording program that will convert streaming audio to .mp3 format. There are a number of sound recording programs like this available for download on the internet. Do a web search, and you'll find a list.

Unfortunately, many of the higher quality sound recording programs cost money. The most frequently recommended program is Replay Music from Applian Technologies. With a price tag of just $19.95, Replay Music allows you to capture music from an audio stream, split the stream into tracks with one click, and burn it to a CD with another.

Other sound recording software programs include AOM, Freecorder, and iRadio.

Step 2

Download the program according to the instructions in the download box that appears.

Once you have finished downloading the sound recording program, open the program.


Step 1

Different sound recording programs have different interfaces. However, most sound recording programs have some type of settings menu. Click on settings, and find the file format drop-down menu. Choose .mp3.

Step 2

Another drop-down menu should be nearby that allows you to choose the location your music streams will download to. Choose an appropriate folder or section of your computer.

Your recorder is ready. Leave the settings menu, and go back to the initial screen with the record button.


Step 1

Open a window with your preferred audio streaming site, like Pandora, Rhapsody or your local radio station.

Step 2

Wait until the music begins playing. Click "Record."

When you are done recording, click "Stop."

Splitting and Burning Files

Step 1

Look for the amount of time you recorded and a list of tracks. This should be somewhere on the original interface.

Step 2

Split the stream into tracks. If you're using an older recorder, you may have to do this manually while listening to the track. If you're using Replay Music, click "Split Now."

A list of tracks should appear. Once you have this list of tracks as separate mp3s, you're ready to burn a CD.

Burning the CD

Step 1

Choose the list of songs you would like to burn.

Step 2

Put a blank CD into your CD burner.

Step 3

Upload the songs you chose into the program you're going to use to burn them onto a CD. If you're using Windows Media Player, add them to your burn list from the drop-down. If you're using Replay Music, click the "Burn to CD" button.

Your CD should begin burning.