How to Burn a Powerpoint to a DVD on a Mac

By Jen Anderson

Burning your PowerPoint presentation onto a DVD gives you more viewing options.
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You don't need a computer with MS PowerPoint installed to display a PowerPoint presentation. You can create the presentation on your Mac and burn the presentation to a DVD. This creates a movie of the presentation slide show, so the presentation can be viewed on a TV with a DVD player attached, or on a computer that can play movies on DVD.

Step 1

In MS PowerPoint, open your presentation. Select "Make Movie" from the File menu. PowerPoint creates a MOV (QuickTime movie) file from your presentation.

Step 2

Launch QuickTime Pro. Open the newly created MOV file.

Step 3

Select "Save As" from the File menu in QuickTime Pro. Select the file type "QuickTime movie" when you save the file. This will not change the file type, but will convert the file to the QuickTime movie format, which has superior quality to the PowerPoint movie format.

Step 4

Open iDVD, the DVD burning software that comes with the Mac operating system. Create a new project. Select "Import>Video" from the File menu. Select the MOV file of your presentation.

Step 5

Insert a blank DVD into the Mac's DVD drive. Click "Burn" in iDVD. IDVD will save the movie of your presentation on the DVD.