How to Burn a Playlist to CD on Windows Media Player

By Mana Thompson

Now a playlist from a computer can be transferred to CD and played in the car, at the office or in any CD player that is able to play burned CDs. Windows Media player is quick and easy to use. Learn how to burn a playlist to CD in just a few steps.

Open the Windows Media player by clicking on the Start Menu, moving the cursor to "All Programs" and clicking on "Windows Media Player.

Look at the top of the screen and click on the button that is labeled "Burn". On the right side of the screen, a section will appear with the heading "Burn List."

At the top right of the Windows Media Player Screen, look for the heading "Playlist." If the playlist that is going to be burned is under that heading, click right on it. If the playlist is not in that section, click on the "Playlist" heading. All of the playlists in Windows Media Player will appear in the center.

Left click on the playlist that is going to be burned to CD and drag it to the right side of the screen where it says "Drag items here to create a burn list." The songs will now appear in the "Burn list" window. If there are any songs that need to be taken off the list, right click on the song and scroll down to "Remove from list."

Open the CD Drive and insert the blank CD. An icon of a CD will appear at the right top of the screen. Click on the button on the bottom right that is labeled "Start Burn." When all songs have been burned to the CD, a message that says "Complete" will appear next to each song and the CD will be ejected. If the CD does not eject, open the CD drive to retrieve the CD.