How to Burn a Navigation Disc

By W. P. Wentzell

Automobile navigation discs are a functional navigation tool for the consumer.
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Created by automobile manufacturers, navigation discs are in-car digital video discs for use with a vehicle's navigation system. These discs come with a new vehicle to aid the driver in finding hot spots to eat, shop and entertainment venues. Most navigation discs contain multiple gigabytes of data, so it is necessary to obtain a blank dual-layer DVD prior to burning the backup navigation disc for your automobile. Keeping a backup navigation disc can come in handy if you happen to scratch, break or even lose your original navigation aid.

Step 1

Insert the original automobile navigation DVD into a DVD read only memory (ROM) drive on your computer and insert a blank dual-layer DVD-R into the dual-layer write-compatible DVD-RW drive on your computer.

Step 2

Launch your preferred DVD copying software program. To create an exact copy of the original navigation disc, be sure to set the option to write a dual-layer DVD disc.

Step 3

Execute the duplication process using your preferred software.

Step 4

Eject the newly-copied navigation disc and insert it into your automobile's navigation system to ensure it works properly.