How To Burn Napster Songs

By Stephen Lilley

How To Burn Napster Songs

In recent years Napster has become a simple, viable and most importantly, legal source of downloading music on the Internet. A nice alternative to iTunes, Napster is easy to use and sports a name recognition that is unsurpassed. With its media player interface, you can also play the songs right from within the main program window. The question becomes, what do you do with music files once you download them from Napster? As the service offers copy protection-free content, burning them to discs to play at home or in the car is just as simple as it is burning any other kind of MP3s you may find.

Download a song from Napster. Simply open the program, search for a song title, and download the one you want.

Locate the file on your computer. As long as you haven't changed Napster's default settings, it will be in the C:/My Documents/My Music folder on your hard drive. It will have an .MP3 file extension.

Open your CD burning software. The actual program that you use doesn't matter, just as long as it is capable of burning music CDs. Examples of software include Nero, Roxio and Power2Go. Windows Media Player, which comes pre-installed in Windows, is also capable of burning music CDs.

Add your music file to your CD burn list. Simply click "Add" from the "File" menu and within the burning programs window, find the file on your computer's hard drive, and double click on it. At the bottom of the window it will let you know how much space your file is taking up on the CD, and how much file space and total minutes you have left before your CD is full.

Click "Burn." When you've finished making your burn list, simply put a blank CD in your CD writing drive and click the "Burn" button on the main program window. It will then take your Napster songs, convert them to a format that can be understood by home and car CD players, and write them to the disc.