How to Burn Music Videos onto a DVD

By Mitchell White

Music videos, just like any type of video file, may be transferred to a disc with the right program. The process of putting files from a computer to a disc, is called "burning." In order to burn a music video onto a DVD, it is necessary to have a program capable of doing so. A special kind of DVD called a DVD-R is also required. DVD-R's are a type of DVD disc that can have files burned onto them, unlike the normal DVDs available at most computer stores. A DVD-ROM drive capable of burning DVDs is also needed.

Step 1

Download a program capable of burning files onto a DVD by going to the appropriate website. Examples of such programs include, Nero, Express Burn and Cheetah DVD Burner.

Step 2

Install the program you downloaded. There are some other common programs that come standard with many computers that you may also use, including Windows Media Player and Real Player. These programs should be accessible by clicking on the "Start" button and going to "All Programs."

Step 3

Place your DVD-R in your DVD-ROM drive and open the program of your choice.

Step 4

Select "DVD" from the pull-down menu in Nero. Select "data" from the options, and then click on "make data disk." Other programs should have a similar tab marked 'burn a CD" or something similar.

Step 5

Click on the "add" button, and then find your music video files on the new window that comes up in Nero. Although any file may be burned onto a DVD-R, your music video files will most likely end in ".avi," ".mpg," ".mov," or ".mp4." Add them one at a time by selecting one, and then clicking the "add" button. When you are done, click "finished." Next, click "next" on the original screen. Finally, click "burn" to begin burning your files to the disc.