How to Burn Music to a Memorex CD

by Stephen A. Powell
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Digital music provides listeners with the convenience of hearing their favorite songs without having to deal with cassettes, discs or other physical playback sources. However, there may come a time in which you may need to present or transport music in compact disc (CD) form. Memorex CD-Rs are popular writable discs onto which you may burn any music from your personal computer using iTunes or Windows Media Player. Gather your desired digital music and put an unused Memorex CD-R into your computer’s CD writer drive to get started.

Windows Media Player

Step 1

Create a playlist of music you wish to burn onto the Memorex CD if one does not already exist. Drag and drop your desired digital music files from the “Library” tab to the “List” tab.

Step 2

Select “Burn List” to arrange the songs before writing them onto the Memorex CD. Drag and drop the songs into the order in which you want them to play.

Step 3

Insert the blank Memorex CD into your CD writer drive.

Step 4

Select “Audio CD” from the “Start Burn” drop-down menu if it is not highlighted by default.

Click “Start Burn” to begin writing the music to your Memorex CD.


Step 1

Create a new playlist containing the music you wish to burn onto the Memorex CD. Push the “+” button at the bottom of your iTunes player to create a new playlist.

Step 2

Drag and drop the desired songs from the iTunes Library viewer onto the new playlist’s icon. Drag and drop the songs up and down in the playlist to reorder them as desired.

Step 3

Push the “Burn CD” button at the bottom of the iTunes player window.

Step 4

Select “Audio CD” from the ensuing burn dialog.

Click "OK" to begin writing your music playlist onto the Memorex CD.


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